Tuesday, 9 July 2013



An upcoming scheduled job interview with CIMB. :DDD

I have been jobless for 7 months now. I have no idea how I've managed to survive with all the bills and debts. Somehow makes me appreciate the value of money in this world (not that I didn't appreciate it before). It was more of me being a bit heavy-hearted to use all those hard earned cash.

Not really looking forward to working actually. I kinda like staying at home and waking up at whatever time I want and living on the edge.

But I guess that time has come to an end.

Life is never fair. Its either you have time and no money or have money and no time. Life is the journey you take to try and figure out how to balance those two. Once you've figured it out, you're living life.

Hopefully working in a bank will be giving me that 9 to 5 hours where I can go out for yumcha sessions and have fun on weekends.

*fingers crossed*

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Highs and Lows

Damn, I've pretty much been jobless for half a year! Sadly, I haven't found myself anything I would like to suffer to work into yet, although I am waiting on a few replies.

I should make it a habit to blog everyday. Having a sucky memory, I don't remember three quarter of the things I have done this half of the year. I remember telling myself that I would be having a great year.

So far, not that great.

Job wise I think I'm just being too picky. Scratching off all audit firms from my list practically made me an unwanted asset in the industry. Eyeing on banks and hopefully I can get in some oil and gas company.

Meanwhile, been living off part times which, to be honest, is pretty fun! Been heading around travelling. I am actually enjoying myself doing this. It is kinda stressful when you have bills to pay off but not enough income to cover them. I guess that's where my four years of studies comes in. :)

Budget, budget, budget!

Besides that, planning to conquer Mount Kinabalu next month. Going with my dad, which I see as a privilege. How many of you people out there get to do crazy outdoorsy things with your dad? My dad has already climbed the mountain before when he was younger. Been training on local mountain climbing as training and damn! My dad's fitter than a fiddle!

But from what my dad says, KK is much easier than the local mountains. I don't intend to underestimate the mountain, so I'm still going crazy HIITs at home.

What else?

Aiden's been growing up fine. Big boy's been crawling around like a cockroach touching everything in sight.

Until, I find a job, I guess life's pretty good so far... :)

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Every Other Day

The pros and cons of being jobless.


You get all the time in the world! Gaming, hanging out, waking up for lunch, sleeping when the sun comes up. Best lifestyle ever?


One of the necessities in the modern age.


Basically without those pretty paper things that buy you stuff, you are basically stuck at home.

The worst part of this is that I have a car and insurance to pay for now. Last year around this time I was doing the same, lazing around at home and all. Same thing this year but with the burden of a car fucking loan.

Stupid car.

Manage to pay off everything with part time this month. I have to say that I kinda enjoy the lifestyle. Not having to worry about work. Sleeping all I want and working when I need the cash. But then again, I miss having cash to splurge.

I wanna buy pretty clothes! I wanna game! I wanna be able to afford a nice pint.

For now, those are off the limits. I can barely meet the debt I am required to pay. April is approaching and I will have to start saving up for another installment.


Staying at home makes you insane man. Luckily, I have a nephew to babysit. No income there. Just a fussy little brat making your head hurt when it is his bedtime.

Just another obstacle in life...

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tough Road Ahead

Ok. So, I haven't been blogging much. What have I been up to?

Newsflash! I quit the events job that I was so looking forward to doing. Found out that events is just a crazy industry and people who work there needs to have a lot of passion and really enjoy what they are doing. At least now I can say that I have tried it and it was not my cup of tea.

Since I quit my job there, I am pretty much jobless. I have a car and insurance to pay for. Not to mention other expenses such as food, petrol, phone.


Looking at joining accounting firms soon. Sent out a couple of resumes but I haven't heard from them yet. Last resort is to be going back to audit.


Currently living off part times and previously saved money (glad that I am a super saver when it comes to cash. I just don't like spending hard earned cash, you know?)

Oh, funny story. There was one of the days where I was working in the events company where I had to head to DoubleTree Hilton from Shah Alam. I seldom drive around KL and this would be the first time I would be doing so because I had an event that I needed to attend there.

I left Shah Alam at 4.30pm and arrived at the hotel at 7.30pm.

I got sooooo lost man. So fucking lost that I ended up in Ampang. Best part of the story? My phone was running out of credit, car running low on fuel AND it was rush hour in KL.

Damn it was hell. I always hate the thought of driving in KL. I try to avoid it as much as possible. Taking the train or letting someone else drive the car. First time in KL? Worse experience when driving ever!

So tomorrow I have this part time job in Perak and I am suppose to be driving 2 other people there as well after picking them up from KL Sentral.

Been spending the last 3 hours asking people's advises and memorizing maps (I should get 3G but I am too poor to).

Praying for the best... :S 

Monday, 31 December 2012


There goes another year. How fast time flies! Lets make a recap of 2012!

Beginning of this year, I got myself into a reality TV show. 

I have to say that it was one of the best decisions of my life. I enjoyed every week shooting and doing crazy tasks with awesome people. 

I miss it.

2012 is also the year where I officially graduated!

The hard work from 4 years of ACCA (ok, I was playing most of the time), came to an end as I received the scroll to the end of my student life to welcome working adulthood (which sucks by the way).

This year I also got my very first job and my own car! 

I'm gonna be paying off the debt for this for the next 6 years but it gave me a lot more freedom which means more fun! :D

Got myself a tattoo of a North Star with the quote "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul"

The quote symbolizing the control I have over my own life and the north star to guide me through all the stupid and crazy things I do throughout my life.
Welcomed Peanut the lost bunny whose thinks he's a dog.

Towards the end of the year, we've welcome baby Aiden to the world with his coos and cries.

All in all, it has been a good year.

So what's install for next year?

1. New job! Starting 7th January 2013. 
2. First ever rave party 18th January 2013.

Well, that's all for now. Things never go according to plan for me. So I rather not plan and just live life like it should -- mysteries and adventures.


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Moving on...


I quit my job. :)

Yes, again. My parents are gonna have a headache when I break the news to them.

I guess I could say that I was always a lucky child. I was never forced to do what I didn't want to.

In secondary school, my parents did not have to worry about my studies. They never bothered pushing me to study everyday. Same thing in uni. My mom even asks me to stop studying and go shopping with her...

Now, I have the privilege to choose my career path.

What DO I want in life?

I ask myself that very same question everyday. Well, usually when I am not busy with work and have too much time in hand or when I have too much work that I get so sick of it. So I guess it is all the time.

Back to the main picture.

I quit my job! I've got an interview in an event management company (Yay!). Hoping that it works out.

I think I will never get a real job. I seem to hate the fact that there is a fix amount of time to do something indefinitely. I prefer completing everything given to me without splitting them into a few days of work which also means that work will never finish for me because things are being thrown at me every single day.

I think I'll just find project based jobs. Then find a guy, get married and stay home baking cookies while having obese kids.


Friday, 9 November 2012

One Last Tour

My first ever rave party and I have decided to choose to go for Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour. See the irony there? Their last, my first. :)

I have been waiting for ever for JS Concert to launch the tickets. Last night, Jia Huey told me that she has a friend looking for people to help give our flyers for promotion. Payment?

One free Swedish House Mafia ticket.

I definitely took that offer. Catch? Giving out flyers for 12 hours. Fucking insane man! I have a new found respect for people who give out flyers.

My feet were soaked and were squishy from the rain. Disgusting. Now they feel like I did a thousand jumping jacks (not that I know how that feels but I can imagine?)

Here it is!

I was so bummed that they split a RAVE PARTY into 2 zones and even worse naming it chill out zone. They should have named one Party Zone and the other Rave Zone. Sounds better no?

After 11 hours handing out flyers, travelling from Sunway Pyramid to Mid Valley and finally Bintang Walk, we were done! In the end they paid in cash. Which was a good thing for me since I was thinking of selling the ticket and use the cash to get the better ticket. Now I just have to add on 80 bucks to get the Party Zone.


Swedish House Mafia. Here I come mutherfuggers!