Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Every Other Day

The pros and cons of being jobless.


You get all the time in the world! Gaming, hanging out, waking up for lunch, sleeping when the sun comes up. Best lifestyle ever?


One of the necessities in the modern age.


Basically without those pretty paper things that buy you stuff, you are basically stuck at home.

The worst part of this is that I have a car and insurance to pay for now. Last year around this time I was doing the same, lazing around at home and all. Same thing this year but with the burden of a car fucking loan.

Stupid car.

Manage to pay off everything with part time this month. I have to say that I kinda enjoy the lifestyle. Not having to worry about work. Sleeping all I want and working when I need the cash. But then again, I miss having cash to splurge.

I wanna buy pretty clothes! I wanna game! I wanna be able to afford a nice pint.

For now, those are off the limits. I can barely meet the debt I am required to pay. April is approaching and I will have to start saving up for another installment.


Staying at home makes you insane man. Luckily, I have a nephew to babysit. No income there. Just a fussy little brat making your head hurt when it is his bedtime.

Just another obstacle in life...

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